About me

Name: Tanya Anderson

Other names I’ve been called (some can’t be listed for reasons of propriety): Tanya West, Tanya Dean, Mom, Aunt Tanya, Honey, BeBe, Sweet Tea‚ÄĒand now, Grammy. ūüôā

Jobs I’ve had or have:¬†waitress, cake decorator, library assistant, secretary, tutor-counselor, high-school teacher, volleyball coach, basketball coach, track coach, craft store associate, editor, technical writer/editor, executive editor, editorial director, vice president, publisher, writer, manager of product development, web developer, social media specialist, …

Birthday: April 8

Myers/Briggs Personality Type: INFP

Hobbies: reading, writing, crafting, shopping, traveling

Pets: Ellie (cat) and Kirby, who was born on my birthday, April 8! We both love getting cards in the mail.

Ellie, the Persian gal
Kirby, the wonder Pekingese!






My books (so far…a new coming Fall 2016!):¬†

Tillie Pierce: Teen Eyewitness to the Battle of Gettysburg

by Tanya Anderson

Twenty-First Century Books/Lerner Publishing Group

ISBN: 978-1-4677-0692-6

96 pages; 7 x 9 format; library hardcover binding

For ages 11 and up

(Now you know why I’m doing the Dr. Seuss quotes in the sidebar!)








8 thoughts on “About me

  1. My class just read your autobiography, “Line Drive. We were just wondering did you play ball as a kid? In our anthology there was a short bio about you, but it only talked about volleyball. If this really happened how did it feel to knock a line drive into Mark’s gut.
    Megan (student) Indianpolis, IN

    1. Thanks for writing to me! Yes, I played ball as a kid, but mostly in our yard. Back then, there weren’t any baseball or softball leagues for girls until you reached high school. This story about hitting the line drive into Mark’s gut really did happen, and just like it is described in the story. My first thought was “Wow! I hit it! I really did hit it!” But then I saw that Mark was hurt, and I felt terrible‚ÄĒuntil I knew that he was okay. Then I felt I had proven myself to him and to me. I really could play as well as the boys, even though I didn’t get to be on their team.

      I hope you like the rest of the stories, too!

    1. Ask your teacher if it’s okay to send me your school address, and I’ll mail your classroom teacher a signed copy of the book SPORTS SHORTS, which is where my story was first published. It has lots of other sports-related true stories by some great authors, including David Lubar and Joseph Bruchac.

  2. This is Megan’s teacher this time. Thank you so much for responding. I was teaching my class about stretching our thinking and extending our learning. It meant a lot that you reached out the first time they attempted to put this into practice. Our class was very excited to hear from you. If interested in future contact feel free to email me at [hidden]. Thanks again, you were a highlight of our day.

    1. Thanks so much for making my day! I’ll email you at yahoo to ask for an address where I can send a signed copy of the book in which the story originally appeared.

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