Tanya’s Doodling Tangle Art

Tanya’s Doodling Tangle Art

I am happy to share with you some of the whimsical pieces I’ve made over the past few years. Check back from time to time to see if  I’ve added new pieces. (Please don’t try to copy from this website by right-clicking. It’s been disabled. However, feel free to draw your own version of my efforts, if you’d like!)

You can find some of my work for sale at my Etsy shop, mostly printed notecard sets. Just click ETSY to see what’s there.


Calligraphy Illustrated Initials Art















Paisley Pets Tangle Art

bee   hummingbird

elephant 2  dragonfly

giraffe  whale

baby-seal  sea-horses

monkey  snail

koi-paisley  goldfish

Birds of a Feather